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Updated: Apr 30

The other day the Lord spoke to me and said, “Don’t carry your cross”. I immediately thought of the old adage “It’s my cross to bear”, and realized I’d been carrying the weight of some difficult situations. In my defense, I felt like I was the only one that really knew the ins and outs of the things and therefore was being responsible by carrying them, guarding them…and to be perfectly honest, I was probably thinking, “Lord, it’s ok. I’ve got this. I don’t want to bother You. I’m sure You have much more to tend to in the universe and beyond, than to deal with this measly thing.”

It became glaringly apparent that by taking up the ‘crosses’ in my life I was not trusting Him as well as walking in disobedience and pride by discounting His ability to care for the things I needed help with. Sometimes we forget that our Father in Heaven is the Creator of universe, Savior of the world, King of Kings and Lord of lords…yet numbers the very hairs on our heads and holds our tears in a bottle.

He then spoke to me and said, “Sweetheart, I really want you to take My yoke upon you, because it’s easy and light. And I want to give you rest for your soul. I can take care of the things of this world. It’s really easy for Me.”

He doesn’t just care for the things that control us by weighing down our hearts, He loves US and wants us to be light hearted and strengthened by His joy.

This life can be brutal at times and we have had tendencies to carry things that we were never intended to carry. I think Jesus would say, “Lay that down at My feet and let it go. Let me surprise you with My ability to take care of it. Give Me a chance to show up (or show off!). He’s been waiting to show you Who He is at a whole new level.

So take some time to examine your heart today. What weights are you carrying? It could be financial difficulty, a wayward child, a loved one plagued with illness. God wants to rescue you from the heaviness of that burden and give you rest for your soul and a good dose of His joy. Will you let Him?

Contributing Author:

Brenda Buster

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