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The Season of New.

As the end of March draws near, you may have already said under your breath,“That went by fast.” Seasons come and seasons go, but this year has truly been something different. The weather patterns seem to align with the metaphysical atmosphere we find ourselves in: volatile and unsteady. One day, we find ourselves gazing at blue skies, our faces being warmed by the sun. The day after, we find ourselves turning on our windshield wipers as herculean storm clouds and heavy rain pour in. This change of seasons has truly left us guessing. Early March, California was hit with a massive winter storm. Despite being on the cusp of Spring- the dark, ominous clouds kept rolling in. Record breaking snow to follow. Sadly, trees that were on the brink of blooming were now covered in ice. Deep, icy snow saturated the ground beneath them. The yet-fragrant buds covered in icicles. During that particular time, I remember standing outside, observing the phenomena that stood before me. The delicate blossoms were cold and lifeless to the touch.

“God, they were just about to bloom.” I said. “Why would you let it snow right now? Didn’t you know that this would freeze them?”

I had tears in my eyes as I asked Him this. I was at a place in my life where I identified with the circumstances of the tree that stood in front of me. Things were just finally getting good. Doors were being opened, prayers were being answered, I felt like it was all starting to work out. Then out of nowhere, a sudden, unexpected storm rolls in. Similar to the one that hit California- the timing was in perfect alignment with the storm that hit my life. I felt like I, too, was about to “bloom”. Full of anticipation and hope, I was excited to see what God was about to unfold in my life. Now, full of questions and confusion, I felt like I had ice hanging off of my branches and dark clouds looming above me. There I stood in front of the tree- waiting in the stillness, wincing from the cold winds. Similar to the feeling of waiting on God for unanswered questions, I felt mournful and isolated.

Then, the Father spoke to me.

He said in a gentle voice,"I wouldn’t have planted this tree here if I knew it couldn’t stand the freeze.” I felt reassuring peace fall on me. Tears filled my eyes, and I started to cry. Then, I heard Him say,"This tree can still bloom.” Now, 4 weeks later- I stand in front of the tree that was once enshrouded by ice, now in a complete, full bloom. Despite the circumstances that surrounded the tree several weeks ago, the bloom was able to come into full fruition. God speaks in Isaiah 43:19 saying,“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” To those of you who are coming out of a difficult Winter season, or those of you who may be caught in a sudden unexpected storm: God wants you to know that He can and He will bring you out of it. He will never permit the righteous to be moved, and He hears our cries. Trust in the fact that the One who created the winter also created the spring. Therefore, rejoice in the storm and stand on Christ, your firm foundation. Your Spring will be upon you shortly.

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